Concierge medicine to the comfort of your home.

PAs, NPs, and MDs straight to you. 

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We will dispatch one of our experienced medical providers straight to you! We service the greater Twin Cities region.


Start with a TeleMedicine call, we can always dispatch a highly trained medical provider to your home if we need to.

In-Home Urgent Care

We treat all urgent care illnesses and injuries in the comfort of your home.  Fevers, sore throats, sprains/broken bones, UTIs, stitches, from pediatrics to geriatrics, and so much more.

COVID-19 Testing At Home

LX Medical has partnered with Quest Diagnostics and Valley Medical for advanced COVID-19 screening capability.

COVID-19 Testing in Minneapolis

COVID-19 Testing in St. Paul

In-Home Testing and Labs

Rapid COVID, strep, influenza, and full blood work capabilities, all without leaving your home.

In-Home IV Therapy

Wellness/vitamin infusions can improve your immune system and give your body a big boost.

A Simple, Affordable Approach to Health Care

We offer exceptional, personalized, urgent care and concierge medicine to the convenience of your home. We bring with us advanced diagnostic technology, IV fluids, medications, and are partnered with outpatient imaging and lab centers.  We only staff highly-trained, medical professionals and advanced practice providers with second-to-none bedside manner. Our extensive resumes span: primary care, sports medicine, urgent care, emergency medicine, and nutritional science.

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We would love to hear from you.  Please fill out the form below and one of our licensed professionals will reach out to you shortly. We service the Twin Cities area.

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How does it work?

Avoid the hassle of driving to an urgent care clinic and sitting in a waiting room with other sick patients.  At LX Medical, we come directly to you in your home or office.

1. Book an appointment.

You can book and appointment today through our simple online secure portal here.  You pick the services you need and the time that works for you.

*Non-Emergencies Please!

2. We review the request and assign it to the correct provider.

Our dispatch team will review your request, and link you to the most qualified, available provider.  You’ll be able to see who is coming to help, and you’ll know when they are on their way.

3. You will then be notified when you provider is on the way.

Just like the Uber of healthcare.  You stay in the comfort of your home without the need to deal with long drives or a clinic’s waiting room.  We will be there shortly!

Membership Packages

When you become an LX Medical member, you get access to all that we have to offer at discounted prices and priority scheduling.

Standard Plan

  • No travel fees.
  • 15% off all of our services.
  • Priority scheduling for in-home urgent care, primary care, aesthetics, and wellness infusions.  Never go to an urgent care again!
  • Free TeleMedicine.
  • Labs - $20 for basic labs including basic annual screening labs.
  • Select in-home vaccinations with membership discount
  • Free Access to our members only texting line and members only call line for premium access and convenience.
  • Premium hours access at no additional cost.

$100/month for an adult. 

+$50/month for 1-2 children.

+$100/month for 3+ children.

Executive Plan

Includes standard membership perks, PLUS:

  • Comprehensive care including primary care, mental health, wellness, and in-home concierge acute/urgent care needs.
  • Free access to our Specialty Board of Advisors including Eye Specialists, Dermatology, GI, Orthopedics, Internal Medicine, Neonatology, Mental Health, Rheumatology, Cardiology, and Emergency Medicine.
  • Free entry into our Executive Health Program which includes a large panel of customizable labs, physical exam, health and wellness assessment, wellness score, and actionable steps toward improvement, which helps you to be as optimized as possible!  It's similar to the Mayo Clinics Executive Physical - only done in the comfort of your home, and around your busy schedule!

$200/month for an adult.

+$50 for 1-2 children

+$100/month for 3+ children.

About LX Medical

The partners who started LX Medical have over 30-years of experience that covers primary care, nutritional science and wellness, sports medicine, urgent care, and emergency medicine.  We aim to bring all of our experience and innovation into an affordably priced concierge medicine experience. Healthcare is changing, reliable access to high-quality medicine for acute illness is strained, and we believe that the current (old) model has hurt both the medical providers and patients.  

Our goal is to provide the highest level of convenience by coming straight to your home, or place of work, or hotel, or school, or cabin. Wherever you need us, we will be there.  We only bring you exceptionally-trained medical providers so you never have to wonder if the provider taking care of you or a family member is as qualified as expected. You can never predict when you’ll be sick or injured, but with LX Medical you will know you’ll be covered when that happens.


“I literally clicked the button on their website and Aundria showed up at my house in less than 2 hours to evaluate my daughter for strep. The truly mind-blowing part was she was able to start antibiotics on the spot. I actually got to enjoy cuddling my sick kid vs. waiting at an urgent care and then waiting that same day at the pharmacy for the RX. Both she and Jim have been out a couple of times since for IV therapy and dermal fillers. Great service, professional and fun people! A truly personalized medical experience.

Absolutely incredible! Aundria went above and beyond for me. As an employer and business owner I know that people who give this type of service are few and far between. Thank you!

Great experience with LX Medical!!! My emails were responded to within a few hours and I had an appointment right away!! We did the testing at home and it was a great experience for my kids who don’t care for Dr. Offices. I would highly recommend using this company! I know I will be calling them again!!

LX Medical Stories

The dreaded day care call comes in: “Your child has a fever and you need to pick them up as soon as possible.”

You’re left wondering if you should take your child home and see how the day goes, or head to urgent care and hope you get a provider you trust that gets the right medical diagnosis.  Or you could call us.

We’ll meet you at your residence. We’ll make sure your child is okay and initiate any treatment necessary to get everyone back to business as usual, as quickly as possible.  We’ll follow up the next day to make sure everything is going well.

LX Medical Stories


You’re spending a weekend at the cabin and a family member gets hurt.  Maybe they rolled their ankle, or maybe someone cut their finger badly enough to need stitches.  Regardless, now you have to make a decision: go to a random nearby clinic or rural emergency department, drive back home to a familiar health care system, or you could call us.

We’ll chat with you over the phone and assess how serious the situation is.  Then, we’ll dispatch someone to your location to get a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.  We can splint your injury, we can suture your wound.

We’ll follow up with you the next day and help you get what you need for follow up once your back home whether that’s with us to get the stitches removed at your convenience, or to order X-Rays (if needed) and get you in to the right orthopedic specialist, if necessary.  Family weekend saved.


LX Medical Stories

You’ve been sick for three days.  You’ve already been to the Urgent Care once and spent three hours driving, sitting, waiting, getting a work-up, waiting some more, and then driving back home.  Now it’s snowing out, your spouse is at work, and you’re seriously considering packing up the kids and going back to the Urgent Care.

Or…you could call us.  We’ll drive straight to your home, rain or shine, snow or ice.  Everything we need we bring right into your home. Bedside labs, ultrasound imaging, IV fluids and IV medications to get you feeling better, as quickly as possible.  We always follow up with you the next day so that you aren’t left making medical decisions on your own.  Doesn’t that sound just slightly better than the alternative?

Revolutionizing the House Call

24/7 service. Same Day Appointments are Available.