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You’re just one click away from the best healthcare experience you’ve ever had.

TeleMedicine and in-home concierge urgent care for diagnostics/treatment, COVID testing, Wellness Infusions, Aesthetics, and more, all in the comfort of your home.  

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You can also call us Monday through Friday, 8 am – 5 pm from our contact page.

LX Medical Concierge Memberships are a must have!

Your time is precious, and the quality of the medical care you or a loved one is receiving is priceless.  

When you become an LX Medical member, you get access to all that we have to offer at discounted prices, and priority scheduling. FREE TeleMedicine. FREE members-only texting and call line, and premium access to in-home concierge urgent care, wellness infusions, and so much more!

Basically, we become a little more like family, and you and your family’s medical and wellness needs are LX Medical’s #1 priority.

Best in convenience. Best in quality. No more waiting rooms!

Services we offer

Best in convenience.  Best in quality.  No more waiting rooms!


Our providers are available Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm, for TeleMedicine visits. If from a TeleMedicine visit our provider feels an in-home visit is necessary for labs, procedures, IVs, or further assessment, we can easily dispatch one of our “best-in-class” providers right to the comfort of your home.

In-Home Concierge Urgent Care

We have a team of nurses, paramedics, PAs, NPs, and MDs ready to come to you. Our team can provide any urgent care level medical service. Strep testing, COVID testing, laceration repair, joint injection, IV hydration and medications, injury assessment, pre-op physicals, annual physicals, and the list goes on.

Employee Health Benefits

Your company’s employees and key contributors have never seen a health benefit like this!

In-Home Labs and Diagnostics

We bring the lab to you. Blood work, rapid COVID/strep/flu/mono testing. We partnered with Quest Diagnostics to be able to run any blood test that may be required!

In-Home Aesthetics

Health and wellness extends beyond medical care. LX Medical is proud to offer in-home, discreet, customizable services for in-home aesthetics/cosmetics including BOTOX, Fillers, Kybella, and facial products by Zo. Look your best, and be your best.

In-Home Health and Wellness Infusions

Health and wellness extends beyond medical care. LX Medical is proud to offer in-home, and customizable services like IV Nutrient Therapy for immune boosting and peak performance, and even migraine treatment. Feel your best, and be at your best.

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What's our healthcare philosophy and mission statement?

Our team built a healthcare access and delivery system centered on using technology and a one-of-a-kind dispatch system to get our medical team to the comfort of your home whenever you need it, on your schedule. Your time is important! The days of going to a clinic waiting room are over.

We only staff highly trained medical providers that believe in the phrase ‘Manners Maketh Medicine.’  Our providers have a lot of experience, confidence, and second-to-none bedside manner.  Meet the team HERE.  

LX Medical providers come with advanced in-home diagnostic technology, IV fluids, medications, and are partnered with outpatient imaging and lab centers.  Our expansive team also has access to specialty physicians, in-home aesthetics like Botox and Fillers, in-home IV wellness infusions to optimize your cells and get you feeling better, faster.

What cities do we service?

We service the greater Minneapolis and Duluth areas.

Coming soon fall 2021: Palm Beach, Ft Lauderdale, and Miami.

Do we take insurance?
  • We are an out of pocket medical service (we take credit, HSA/FSA accounts, cash, or checks) and we do NOT have any in-network relationships with any insurance companies.  We are viewed as an “out-of-network” urgent care/medical visit, and we can provide you with an insurance reimbursement form to be applied to your out-of-network policy.  
  • HSA/FSA type benefits can be applied to any of our services. 
  • All imaging is ordered through our partner CDI, and imaging CAN be applied to your in-network health insurance poliy.


Why should I become a member?

When you become an LX Medical member, you get access to all that we have to offer at discounted prices, no travel fees, priority scheduling, and 24/7 service.

Members get elite medical access, and unparalleled medical service.  You don’t just have your own members-only call and text line for immediate care, but you also get access to our specialty board of advisors – physicians that span the medical specialities, without the hastle of waiting for referrals to go through.  

Our Executive Members get enrolled into our Executive Health Program – FOR FREE – which is all about I.P.O.: Identifiying health issues, Preventing future illness and injuries, and Optimizing your day to day.  More about our Executive Health Program HERE

Want to learn more about our memberships?  CLICK HERE.

How much does a visit cost with LX Medical?

When most people hear “Concierge Medicine,” they think, “unaffordable prices.”


LX Medical prides itself on offering Concierge Medicine quality, at Urgent Care pricing.  TeleMedicine is $59 (always free for our members). A basic urgent care visit generally costs $200-$350 dollars (members get 15% off all bills with us).  An advanced visit (ER level visit) generally costs $500-$900 depending on the complexity, and you never have to leave your home!  If any imaging is required, we put those orders through CDI – an outpatient imaging center – and that cost goes through your in-network insurance.


An average clinic urgent care visit runs $200-$300 dollars.  An average, non-critical, ER visit costs $1000-$2000 – minimum.  Plus you have to drive there, wait in a waiting room with other sick and injured individuals, and hope that you get a provider that you like and trust.  With us: no more waiting rooms, no more guessing about the quality of the provider, we always follow up, we always deliver!


NOTE: Some insurance policies DO cover out-of-network urgent care and ER visits like an in-network medical visit.  Check with your individual health insurance provider to find out about your out-of-network policy.  We do bill direct to client at time of service, but can always provide an insurance reimbursement form.


Want to learn more about our take on concierge medicine?  CLICK HERE.


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“I literally clicked the button on their website and Aundria showed up at my house in less than 2 hours to evaluate my daughter for strep. The truly mind-blowing part was she was able to start antibiotics on the spot. I actually got to enjoy cuddling my sick kid vs. waiting at an urgent care and then waiting that same day at the pharmacy for the RX. Both she and Jim have been out a couple of times since for IV therapy and dermal fillers. Great service, professional and fun people! A truly personalized medical experience.

Great experience with LX Medical!!! My emails were responded to within a few hours and I had an appointment right away!! We did the testing at home and it was a great experience for my kids who don’t care for Dr. Offices. I would highly recommend using this company! I know I will be calling them again!!

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You’re just one click away from the best healthcare experience you’ve ever had!