Women's Health

A series of innovative wellness treatments that focus on female reproductive health, hormone balance, weight loss, and regenerative medicine.

If you’re seeking a unique wellness experience catered to your unique body and goals, Women’s Health services from LX Medical will help you feel like yourself again. Created with the female body in mind, our personalized treatments address several symptoms of menopause, including:

Our Women's Health Services:

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Hormone Balancing

Not feeling like yourself lately? As you age and approach menopause, the hormones in your body begin to change

LX Medical helps correct menopause-related hormone decline with Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), providing relief from common issues like mood swings while reestablishing healthy hormone levels in your body.


Morpheus8V is a fast, effective, non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation procedure that utilizes micro-needling and radio frequencies to provide you with optimal vaginal health.

This cutting-edge procedure penetrates deeply into your skin, addressing issues like vaginal laxity, atrophy, and incontinence by boosting blood flow and increasing collagen production.

If you’re searching for a procedure with minimal downtime and side effects, Morpheus 8V is for you.

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Do you remember what life was like before worrying about leakage? Vtone is an incredible procedure that rehabilitates the weak muscles of your pelvic floor with electrical stimulation.

Getting a Vtone treatment is kind of like taking your pelvic floor muscles to the gym, with each procedure acting as a super-powered Kegal session.

Vtone treatments from LX Medical are non-invasive, free of side effects, and require no downtime.


It’s common knowledge that the skin on our bodies loses elasticity as we age.

But did you know that poor skin elasticity can cause urine leakage, discomfort during intercourse, and even low libido?

FormaV helps correct these issues by harnessing the power of radio frequency energy to improve both the functionality and aesthetics of your vagina.

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Peptide Therapy

Considered the building blocks of proteins, peptides play a significant role in how your body functions.
They control everything from digestion to weight loss and even sexual ability. But as you age, the functionality and number of peptides in your body decline, leading to peptide degradation. If you’re looking to lose weight, heal damaged cells, or simply be in a better mood, peptide therapy from LX Medical can help.

Weight Loss

At LX Medical, we’re firm believers that weight loss shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all approach.

That’s why our weight loss programs are custom-crafted and structured specifically with your body in mind, not a woman who matches your age or weight.

If you’re ready to enjoy life without the extra lbs., our team provides the tools and treatments you need to achieve real results.

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Hair Loss

Though most commonly associated with males, it’s estimated that over 50% of women will experience some kind of noticeable hair loss.

And while men can simply shave their heads or wear a hat, hair loss can be particularly discouraging for women.

If the part in your hair is getting wider or you’re finding more bald spots in the mirror, LX Medical can help.

Thanks to advances in research and technology, we can provide non-surgical treatments to slow hair loss while fostering new hair growth.

O Injections

Staying sexually vibrant and satisfied isn’t always easy with the onset of age, stress, and childbirth.

LX Medical’s O Injections help your body respond naturally to sexual stimulation while improving orgasm intensity and tissue sensitivity.

This powerful therapy treats the physical tissue of your clitoris and vagina directly while increasing vaginal lubrication without needing prescription meds.

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