Executive Physical

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Pick the time and the day of your medical evaluation.  We work around your schedule and come straight to your home, cabin, or office.  No need to spend the day, or multiple days, in and out of clinics and hospitals.

The In-Home Visit

The provider performs a full medical history, medication review, diet and lifestyle assessment, and full physical exam.  They will identify your personal health and wellness concerns and goals, and also assess what types of screening tests will be pertinent given your age, history, and risk factors. 

The LX Medical Wellness Bloodwork Panel will be performed.  This is above and beyond the usual clinic lab panel.

At this visit, it will also be decided if you need any screening imaging from our partnered outpatient imaging center – CDI – they have over 20 locations in the greater Twin Cities area.

The Executive Summary

Once the blood work has returned, usually 2-4 days, the core LX Medical team will review the medical visit, get input from LX Medical’s Board of Advisors, which is made up of different medical specialists, and prepare an Executive Summary. This includes results from blood work and any imaging performed, and recommendations on diet, lifestyle, medications, supplements, and wellness to ensure you are optimizing day-to-day.  We will also make any referrals for you as needed.

The Follow-Up

The same provider who performed your physical will follow up with you via TeleMedicine to go over results and make plans for any follow-up labs to assess progress over the year, free to you.

The Cost

For Executive Members:  The Executive Physical is FREE, and you get all the perks of being an LX Concierge Medical Member.

For Non-Members: Our LX Medical Executive Physical is $700 and includes the in-home medical visit; the large battery of labs to assess health, screening for illness, and evaluating nutritional/metabolic/hormonal status; the Executive Summary; Follow-up TeleHealth visit; and future follow-up labs.

Add-on specialty labs (like food allergy panel, gluten allergy panel, rheumatoid panel, heavy metal panel, Lyme disease screening) are considered add-ons and will be charged at cost (usually $100-$250 per extra specialty lab). 

Imaging is ordered through CDI and can be paid through your insurance to ensure minimal cost for screening imaging.

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