Corporate Health Benefits


Busy Executives understand the value of their time. So do we. The professionals at LX Medical proactively identify risk factors, make treatment decisions that help prevent illness, and optimize the health and wellness of your company’s key contributors.

Corporate Executive Membership

Your Executives have never seen a health benefit quite like this!

Concierge in-home urgent care, primary care, specialty physician consults, and health & wellness care.  Comes with our annual LX Medical Executive Health Program, which is all about Identifying risk factors, Preventing illness and injury, and Optimizing your key team players’ day-to-day.  Similar to the mayo clinics Executive Health Program, only more unique add-ons, and completed on your time, in the comfort of your home.


$200 per month per executive.  If your company signs up 10-24 executives, there is a 10% discount on our monthly membership cost.  If your company signs up 25 or more executives, there is a 15% discount.

Our members include some of Minnesota’s elite executives. They chose LX Medical and have stayed with LX Medical for a reason. Our Executive Members enjoy less sick days, increased productivity at work, and an unprecedented, concierge style of in-home medical, health, and wellness care.  Our one-of-a-kind supplemental healthcare benefit will also improve employee satisfaction and retention.

Our services can be applied to HSA/FSA type accounts, and the membership fees can be paid for by the company as a pre-tax health benefit. LX Medical is seen as an “out-of-network” medical clinic, and we can provide insurance reimbursement forms to be sent to any insurance carrier, and can be applied to out-of-network health benefit policies, as well.

The Value of Our Memberships

Free 24/7 TeleMedicine whether you’re home, or living/traveling abroad. 

Priority access to our “Tier-1” providers (MDs, PAs, NPs) throughout the year for all of your in-home urgent care and primary care needs including, but not limited to, lacerations, acute illnesses, injuries, pre-op physicals, post hospitalization follow ups, rapid diagnostics like strep/flu/covid testing, and IV Hydration.  Basically, if you ever thought you needed to go to your primary care clinic, or to an urgent care, you’d call us instead, and we’d take care of it right in the comfort of your home or office. 

10-15% off of all invoices for all visit types. 

No travel fees for in-home urgent care/primary care. 

❖ Priority Access to our “Nurse-only” visits for diagnostics like rapid molecular COVID-19, influenza, strep, etc. (only cost is for the diagnostics themselves, find out more here)

Free access to our members-only texting and call line for immediate care. 

Free access to immediate consults from our Specialty Board of Physician Advisors. 

Access to our growing network of in-home care including physical therapists, wellness coaches, dieticians, and others. 

*Corporate teams can also sign-on to our Concierge Standard Membership ($80 per adult per month), which includes everything listed above, with the exception of the Executive Health Program, and specialist physician consult fees apply.*

Revolutionizing the House Call

24/7 service. Same Day Appointments are Available.