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Weight Loss Clinic With Semaglutide Robbinsdale, MN

An Advanced Weight Loss Solution from LX Medical

LX Medical's weight loss program has helped numerous patients achieve their weight loss goals, live a healthy life, and enjoy total well-being for years. At LX Medical, we believe that weight loss shouldn't be centered around a one-size-fits-all mentality. Our doctors and practitioners create custom weight loss programs that are tailored to your unique body, rather than creating plans based off of someone matching your age or weight. With our team's support, you can achieve real results and start living life without the extra pounds.

That's important in the modern world, where maintaining good health and fitness has become more important than ever. Research has shown that viruses and diseases are more likely to affect people who are overweight and unhealthy. Unfortunately, there are many "miracle" supplements and unhealthy diet plans that mislead people into thinking that weight loss is not beneficial. Furthermore, weight loss "experts" often offer unstructured and unsupervised programs that do more harm than good.

At LX Medical, we prioritize the well-being of our patients when it comes to weight loss. Our approach is patient-centric, focusing on personalized treatments. Our doctors first evaluate your lifestyle habits, and we work with you to replace negative patterns with positive, personalized lifestyle changes. This is crucial for achieving optimal wellness and weight loss. Benefits of losing weight include:

  • Lower Triglycerides
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Lower Risk of Heart Attack
  • Lower Risk of Stroke
  • Better Mobility
  • Less Joint Pai
  • More Energy
  • Better Mood
  • Increased Libido
  • Much More

However, losing weight is only the beginning. To keep weight off permanently, adopting a healthy, active lifestyle is essential. At LX Medical, we help you achieve this by implementing manageable, positive lifestyle changes that jumpstart your weight loss journey. By making healthy behaviors a part of your daily routine, you can achieve your weight loss goals and become the best version of yourself.

One of the most successful treatments we offer to help patients shed pounds safely is peptide therapy for weight loss in Robbinsdale, MN. In fact, peptides for weight loss, such as semaglutide (also known as Ozempic and Wegovy, MOTS-C,) and AOD-9604, have been proven to be effective and have helped countless men and women live life at a healthy weight.

Weight Loss Clinic With Semaglutide Robbinsdale, MN
Weight Loss Clinic With Semaglutide Robbinsdale, MN

Peptides Explained

Consisting of amino acids, peptides help regulate the biological processes and functions in your body. As the building blocks of protein, they are crucial for your overall health. Unfortunately, however, many men and women suffer from peptide deficiency. Peptide therapy gives your body the peptides it needs, improving your ability to:

  • Burn Fat
  • Keep Weight Off
  • Heal Wounds
  • Build Muscle Mass
  • Reverse Fatigue
  • Much More

Peptide therapy is often used alongside other treatment plans from LX Medical, such as our custom weight loss plans. That's where peptides like semaglutide and AOD-9604 come into play.

What is Peptide Therapy for Weight Loss in Robbinsdale, MN?

Peptide therapy is often used to boost hormones and support our total well-being. Different types of peptides can target different areas of our health. For example, some collagen peptide supplements can help make our skin, hair, and gut healthier. Other peptides, like semaglutide and AOD-9604, can help facilitate healthy weight loss.

Peptide therapy works in a different way than vitamin supplements. When we take a multivitamin for our hair, skin, and nails, our body must absorb the nutrients. But sometimes, our body can't absorb all the nutrients, so they just leave our body through our urine. Peptides, on the other hand, are part of the proteins in our bodies, making them easier to benefit from and absorb.

But what about peptide therapy for weight loss? The truth is there are various peptides that have different effects, including some that facilitate weight loss. However, weight loss is a nuanced process that involves multiple factors such as diet, exercise, age, genetics, and lifestyle. While peptides can assist you in achieving your weight loss goals, they are most effective when combined with improvements like a healthier diet, more frequent exercise, and better life choices. If you've tried various weight loss plans and diets, but haven't had any success, peptides like semaglutide and ADO-9604 may be the extra boost you need to experience true weight loss.

The Best Peptides for Weight Loss in Robbinsdale, MN

A recent study in the Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism found that people who used peptides in conjunction with a weight loss plan experienced incredible results. More specifically, patients reported a 14% reduction in body fat on average. Two of the most popular peptides for weight loss also happen to be FDA-approved and, when appropriate, part of your weight loss journey with LX Medical.

Those peptides are semaglutide and AOD-9604 and are touted for their therapeutic benefits and long-term safety profile. If you're looking for a little extra help to lose weight and keep it off for good, peptide therapy for weight loss could be for you.

Weight Loss Clinic With Semaglutide Robbinsdale, MN

Semaglutide for Weight Loss

Looking to shed some pounds and keep them off for good? Diet and exercise are crucial, but for busy adults and parents, sticking to a routine is easier said than done. If you need extra help losing weight, consider semaglutide. This injection, approved by the FDA for diabetes and obesity, can stimulate GLP-1 receptors in the brain to aid in quicker weight loss and long-term health.

Semaglutide works in several ways. First, it acts as glucagon in your body, which helps tell your brain that you're full and don't need to eat anymore. Secondly, it slows down the time it takes for food to transit out of your stomach. This process reduces unnecessary eating and snacking throughout the day. Perhaps more importantly, it reduces glucose spikes after you eat, which causes a litany of issues like inflammation.

Semaglutide also helps your pancreas secrete insulin while making you insulin sensitive. This regulates glucose levels in your body and how your body metabolizes that glucose. Additionally, by reducing inflammation in your body, you benefit from powerful anti-aging and longevity properties.

When combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, semaglutide can provide:

  • Long-Lasting Weight Loss
  • Reduced Risk of Heart Disease
  • Regulated Glucose Levels
  • Insulin Control
  • Body Fat Reduction
  • More Energy
  • Better Recovery
  • Less Inflammation

Semaglutide Cycle Info

Unlike other weight loss clinics, at LX Medical, you can enjoy the benefits of semaglutide from the comfort of your office or home. Injections are administered once a week. Once you've met your weight loss goals, you can reduce your intake to a minimum dose for additional positive effects like ongoing weight management. You can also quit taking semaglutide entirely. If you opt to stop, our medical weight loss team can chat with you about other types of peptide therapy for weight loss in Robbinsdale, MN.

AOD-9604 for Weight Loss

This peptide, which is often used in conjunction with semaglutide regimens, stimulates the breakdown of fat while inhibiting lipogenesis and supporting your tendons and cartilage. It has grown in popularity because of its ability to boost your metabolism, which helps burn fat. What's great about AOD-9604 is that it stimulates the pituitary gland but does not affect tissue growth or blood sugar. Perhaps most impressive is that this peptide can burn fat without you feeling the need to overeat as a result.

In fact, AOD-9604 activates your body's fat-burning processes using its own unique mechanism without needing an HGH receptor. It also releases obese fat cells and reduces new fat cell accumulation. One of the most notable benefits of AOD-9604 is its ability to regulate blood sugar and manage insulin levels, which can lead to reduced inflammation and weight loss. Additionally, AOD-9604 can aid in building muscle, similar to growth hormones. Its benefits extend beyond fat loss, as it contains regenerative properties that may be beneficial for individuals with various conditions, such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Depression
  • Damage to Bones
  • Damaged or Worn-Out Cartilage
  • Arthritis
  • More

With the ability to reduce fat that is stored in your abdominal region, this weight-loss peptide is very popular for older people with stubborn belly fat. It is also often used by people who have tried other diets and weight loss plans but had little or no success.

Gut Health Peptides for Weight Loss and Well-Being

At LX Medical, our doctors offer a range of peptide therapies for your health and well-being. Peptides like semaglutide and AOD-9604 are often used as part of a comprehensive peptide therapy plan, crafted by LX Medical specialists for your body. If you're interested in losing weight, gut health peptides like BPC-157, Thymulosin Alpha, Thymulosin Beta, and GHK-Cu can be incredibly beneficial along your weight loss journey.


This naturally occurring peptide, sometimes called the "Body Protection Compound," is secreted in your gut and helps repair its lining. It works by helping your body be in a constant state of restoration and repair, providing powerful anti-inflammatory effects. This process helps with issues like:

  • Joint Pain
  • Wound Healing
  • Tissue Damage
  • Inflammation
  • Free Radical Protection
  • More

When it comes to losing weight, BPC-157 is often included in peptide therapy for weight loss in Robbinsdale, MN, because it can help reduce pain and inflammation resulting from new or increased exercise efforts. As noted previously, exercise and diet are key in long-term weight loss, and BPC-157 can make those efforts easier.

Weight Loss Clinic With Semaglutide Robbinsdale, MN

BPC-157 Cycle Info

This peptide is injected once a day, with courses ranging from 30 to 60 days. After you finish the injection course, consider BPC-157 oral supplements to maintain its benefits.

Weight Loss Clinic With Semaglutide Robbinsdale, MN

Thymulosin Alpha

Thymosin Alpha-1 is a powerful immune system modulator that helps you resist infections, illnesses, and disease. By naturally stimulating T cells to locate and eliminate viruses, bacteria, and even tumor cells, this peptide prompts your body to respond to these invasive organisms, making your immune system naturally stronger and more effective.

Numerous clinical studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of Thymosin Alpha-1 in regulating immunity and inflammation related to rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, and other conditions. Recent clinical studies have also shown promising results in using this peptide to fight lung, colon, breast, and other types of cancer. By reducing inflammation in your body and enhancing your immune system, you can optimize your body as you lose weight with the help of LX Medical.

Thymulosin Alpha Cycle Information

Patients inject this peptide every day for two weeks and then continue three times a week for 2.5 months.

Thymulosin Beta

Thymosin Beta-4 is a peptide consisting of 43 amino acids that is known to promote healing in the body and has anti-inflammatory properties. It occurs naturally in higher concentrations at injury sites and is a water-soluble protein that can regulate cell migration to a site. It is also very good at repairing tissue damage. The substance is not only beneficial for wound healing and skin repair but can also aid in the repair of the brain, spinal cord, and heart. Medical professionals consider Thymosin Beta-4 to be a safe and potent substance in both its natural and synthetic forms.

Like its Alpha counterpart, this peptide can be beneficial for individuals undergoing weight loss, and can help reduce the inflammation and pain associated with exercising and more.

Thymulosin Beta Cycle Information

Patients inject this peptide every day for two weeks and then continue three times a week for 2.5 months.

Weight Loss Clinic With Semaglutide Robbinsdale, MN


Research suggests that GHK-CU functions as a feedback signal when tissue damage occurs. This peptide is effective in shielding damaged tissue, reducing inflammation, and replacing scarred tissue with healthy tissue. Although further research is necessary to determine its effectiveness on a larger scale, GHK-CU has already been proven to play a role in wound healing and inflammation reduction. Like other peptides for weight loss in Robbinsdale, MN, GHK-Cu supports your gut health and weight loss efforts by lowering inflammation in your body, which often happens from changes to your diet or exercise regimens.

GHK-Cu Cycle Info

Patients should take this peptide for 20-30 days, especially when used for wound healing or as part of a more robust peptide therapy package.

Experience the LX Medical Weight Loss Difference

At LX Medical, we're proud to make better care possible.

We are a physician-led team of doctors, nurses, and health experts, advised by a panel of top healthcare leaders who are revolutionizing the power of house calls. In fact, all of our peptides for weight loss in Robbinsdale, MN, can be applied in your home or office without having to wait in long lines or uncomfortable waiting rooms.

We offer exceptionally robust and personalized weight loss plans for patients who can't seem to lose extra weight. To do so, we use innovative weight loss medications such as semaglutide and AOD-9604. To supplement our patient's success, we bring with us advanced diagnostic technology, IV fluids, and medications, with access to outpatient imaging and lab centers. Unlike some weight loss centers, we only staff highly-trained medical professionals and advanced practice providers with experience and compassion.

Are you sick and tired of the way that you look and feel every day? Is your health getting out of control? Are you ready to break out of your cage and lose weight the right way? If you're ready to begin your journey to weight loss success, our team is here to guide you along the way. Contact LX Medical today to get started.

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Latest News in Robbinsdale, MN

Robbinsdale Road Closure To Impact Drivers, Businesses Deep into Fall

This year’s major street project in Robbinsdale will close part of 36th and France avenues. But one Robbinsdale business is working with the city to keep its traffic flowing.A stretch of 36th Avenue N. will close between the Hy-Vee entrance and June Ave. France Avenue will also close between 36th and 35th avenues.The project starts on Tuesday, August 8. It’s...

This year’s major street project in Robbinsdale will close part of 36th and France avenues. But one Robbinsdale business is working with the city to keep its traffic flowing.

A stretch of 36th Avenue N. will close between the Hy-Vee entrance and June Ave. France Avenue will also close between 36th and 35th avenues.

The project starts on Tuesday, August 8. It’s expected to continue until November.

“A lot of our water mains and sanitary sewer mains are approaching 100 years old,” said Richard McCoy, Robbinsdale’s public works director. “There will be a new sanitary sewer main and water main put under the ground. There is also going to be a new raw water line put under the ground.”

McCoy said 10,000 people travel on that stretch of 36th every year.

Some side streets like Grimes Avenue started construction earlier on. The work on that street should wrap up in a few weeks. McCoy said that was done early intentionally for a lesser impact on neighbors and travelers.

Fly Vintage and Vinyl is located along the closed route.

It sells ultrasonic-cleaned, curated rock records, as well as vintage and holiday decorations.

“I buy all the records and music-related items,” Dan Ruppert-Kan, who co-owns the business with his wife. “My wife Betsy brings in all the vintage items.”

Fly Vintage and Vinyl sits along 36th Avenue N in Robbinsdale. This year’s major street project closes part of 36th and France Avenue.

Ruppert-Kan said customers already face some traffic challenges.

“Almost everyone who comes in, especially if they are first time customers, ask about the traffic,” Ruppert-Kan said. “I don’t think it will affect our regular customers… it’ll definitely hinder our first-time visitors.”

Co-owner Betsy Ruppert-Kan said they sell many items online, including on their Instagram and Facebook pages. Customers then come in to pick up their items.

Ruppert-Kan worked with the city to hopefully keep business flowing.

“They find a way here,” Ruppert-Kan said. “It helps that construction crews put up ‘Access to Fly Vintage Vinyl’ signs.”

In the meantime, neighbors just have to be patient.

“It will be closed. There will be big holes in the road you won’t be able to go through,” McCoy said. “I think the improvements we are doing are good for the community, and I think they will benefit the community for a lot of time.”

The city will post detours when construction begins on Tuesday.

Robbinsdale Approves Converting Hotel into Housing for Homeless Vets

A Robbinsdale hotel that’s been around for more than a century is being converted into housing for veterans.The Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans is remodeling the Robin Hotel into living space for homeless veterans.“Some of our individual veterans enjoy the group living and they can make that their permanent choices — it doesn’t have to be transitional,” said Jon Lovald, chief operations officer ...

A Robbinsdale hotel that’s been around for more than a century is being converted into housing for veterans.

The Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans is remodeling the Robin Hotel into living space for homeless veterans.

“Some of our individual veterans enjoy the group living and they can make that their permanent choices — it doesn’t have to be transitional,” said Jon Lovald, chief operations officer for the Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans. “We like to meet the veterans where they’re at and not refer to any one house, one building, one room as transitional housing.”

The Robbinsdale City Council unanimously approved the project this week.

“It’s a noble cause to try to help people that served our country — veterans — and who are having trouble transitioning from whatever problems they’ve had into a better way of life,” said Robbinsdale Mayor Bill Blonigan.

Originally known as the Elwood Hotel, the Robin Hotel building is located at the corner of 41st and Hubbard avenues. In it’s current state, it has 21 sleeping rooms.

The Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans is remodeling the Robin Hotel into living space for homeless veterans. The hotel is pictured here in February 2023.

The Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans is planning to build four apartments on the main level of the building.

“The apartment units are going to be somewhat smaller than our standard but they are being kind of created within an existing shell,” said Rick Pearson, Robbinsdale city planner.

The nonprofit will use the remaining space for 11 sleeping rooms.

Veterans in the single-room occupancy often are looking for a “more permanent” living situation, and typically stay between seven and nine months, according to Lovald.

Others can stay for a longer period of time.

“It’s just the same as anybody owning an apartment building and renting,” Lovald said. “This is your house for right now and we’re going to figure out what your thing is next. But these [apartment] units, they could be residents for years.”

While the exterior of the building is well maintained, the nonprofit says the interior needs serious renovations.

“It really looks nice from the street,” Lovald said. “The inside of it needs a lot of work, and we want to provide dignified housing for veterans. Low-income housing specifically.”

The hotel was built in 1900. Its original home was in the 4000 block of Hubbard Avenue. The structure was moved in the late 1950s to the corner of 41st and Hubbard.

The council was supportive of the proposal, which was first introduced in February.

“I support the housing,” said Robbinsdale City Council Member Regan Murphy. “I look forward to the changes and welcoming the new neighbors.”


Robbinsdale Drinking Water Plant Looks to the Future

From the Spring 2023 WaterlineA complete list of feature stories can be found on the Waterline webpage.By Alycia Overbo, Minnesota Department of Health (MDH)Aaron Vollmer of AE2S, the engineering firm for Robbinsdale’s new water treatment plant, led a tour of the new facility.Approaching Robbinsdale’s new drinking w...

From the Spring 2023 Waterline

A complete list of feature stories can be found on the Waterline webpage.

By Alycia Overbo, Minnesota Department of Health (MDH)

Aaron Vollmer of AE2S, the engineering firm for Robbinsdale’s new water treatment plant, led a tour of the new facility.

Approaching Robbinsdale’s new drinking water treatment plant, one can peer into the windows and get a glimpse of the extensive infrastructure used to treat and deliver its drinking water. This view into the drinking water treatment process is just one of the innovative features that was meticulously researched and planned by the public water system staff and consulting engineering firm AE2S.

Before the new plant went online in November 2022, the community relied on three drinking water plants built in the 1960s. In 2017, the city council authorized a study to identify needs and actions that would ensure the reliability of its drinking water into the future. At the time, the city treated its drinking water only to remove iron and manganese and to add chlorine and fluoride.

“For a system to move from just a regular groundwater iron and manganese filtration to softening, it’s a huge deal. I mean, a huge deal,” commented MDH district engineer Brian Noma. Apart from the additional equipment needs, centralized softening requires extensive water testing and chemical analyses throughout the treatment process.

Two looks at the softening cone.

At public meetings, residents requested that the new drinking water plant centrally soften the water, even though it can result in higher water bills. At 24 grains per gallon, Robbinsdale’s groundwater source is very hard and most neighboring communities have centrally softened water.

With centralized softening, the finished drinking water hardness was reduced from 24 to 5 grains per gallon, reducing or eliminating the need for home water softening. Decreased home softening can reduce chloride pollution, which has negative impacts on species such as dragonflies and freshwater mussels. Over-softening water can also cause plumbing issues such as pinholes in copper piping. Robbinsdale shared information with residents about bypassing or calibrating their softeners with the centrally softened water, and Culligan also notified community members about the change. The Metropolitan Council is sampling to understand the chloride reductions in the community wastewater as a result of centralized softening.

The sludge pump at Robbinsdale's plant.

A bigger site was needed to accommodate lime softening treatment, and the city had an undeveloped plot within a residential area. The neighboring residents were initially wary but ultimately fully supportive of the new drinking water plant, and the utility wanted to design a site that would fit in with the neighborhood. “We didn’t want the building to look like a bunker—not utilitarian,” added Richard McCoy, the city’s public works director.

High service pumps.

All of the facility equipment is housed indoors to fit in with neighborhood aesthetics, which also makes maintenance easier. Most pipes are exposed within the plant, making maintenance much easier in the long run. The site also incorporates natural light where possible.

The public water system staff toured other drinking water treatment plants to get ideas for the new plant design. Submarine hatches to access the clarifier were one feature they borrowed from Fairmont, which allows operators to get in and out of areas from different levels without ladders, creating easier access and better safety.

Robbinsdale's lime storage (above) and lime grit removal (below).

“From the start, we were looking at the long-game—let’s put in features that are going to serve us well for the long term,” said McCoy.

The site also has green features to minimize its environmental footprint. There is a green roof with foliage to capture rainfall and a stormwater pond that ensures no stormwater leaves the site. In the future, the plant will install solar panels on the roof and grow hops on the outdoor trellis with the intent of making them available to one (or both) of the local breweries.

With the new drinking water plant online, the public water system is now shifting to other drinking water infrastructure needs. The system will decommission two of its wells in a vulnerably geologic area near downtown and has already connected two new wells. The system is decommissioning two water towers—the small iconic tower downtown and the one that is surrounded by North Memorial Hospital—and is constructing a new water tower, which is taller and bigger. The infrastructure needs are planned to accommodate population growth and future demand.

Commented McCoy, “We’ll have all the big-ticket items done. Then it will just be the 100-year-old pipes!”

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Teachers in Minneapolis, Robbinsdale schools staging contract-related protests Wednesday

MINNEAPOLIS — Educators in two Twin Cities school districts will be staging protests on Wednesday.Teachers and education support professionals in Minneapolis Public Schools and Robbinsdale Area Public Schools want to bring attention to their respective contract woes.Minneapolis walkoutMinneapolis Federation of Teachers members say there's a growing frustration with the pace of contract talks, and they've been working for seven months on expired contracts.Union members tell...

MINNEAPOLIS — Educators in two Twin Cities school districts will be staging protests on Wednesday.

Teachers and education support professionals in Minneapolis Public Schools and Robbinsdale Area Public Schools want to bring attention to their respective contract woes.

Minneapolis walkout

Minneapolis Federation of Teachers members say there's a growing frustration with the pace of contract talks, and they've been working for seven months on expired contracts.

Union members tell WCCO they've met with the district in 10 different negotiation sessions.

MORE: Teachers' union, Anoka-Hennepin district reach tentative agreement

MFT is looking for 8.5% salary increase in the first year of their next contract and another 7.5% in the second. They say pay raises are vital to teacher retention.

Educators will walk out at 3:30 p.m. Wednesday outside Southwest High School. This is the first of potentially several walkouts in the district.

Robbinsdale demonstration

Leaders of Robbinsdale Area Public Schools are expected to meet privately Wednesday evening to discuss labor negotiation strategies.

In response, teachers and education assistants of the Robbinsdale Federation of Teachers union will gather outside to demonstrate.

Teachers are currently employed under expired contracts and they're frustrated. The school district is facing $17 million in budget cuts, and it paused contract negotiations just before winter break. Before that happened, there were still eight bargaining items on the table.

MORE: Joe Gothard, St. Paul Public Schools superintendent, among finalists to lead Madison schools

RFT members tell WCCO $10 million in salaries and wages and another $3.1 million in benefits is expected to be cut.

Discussions between union members and the district are scheduled to start next month.

Union members will demonstrate Wednesday outside the Robbinsdale Area Schools Education Service Center in New Hope at 6:30 p.m. They hope to catch district leaders as they walk into the building for the meeting.

The district oversees schools in Robbinsdale and several other metro cities, including Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park, Crystal, Golden Valley, New Hope and Plymouth.

WCCO has reached out to both districts for comment.

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Robbinsdale teachers stage rally, as Minneapolis teachers walk out of class

MINNEAPOLIS (FOX 9) - There are growing frustrations from educators across the metro as they work under expired contracts.On Wednesday, teachers from Robbinsdale and Minneapolis separately took ...

MINNEAPOLIS (FOX 9) - There are growing frustrations from educators across the metro as they work under expired contracts.

On Wednesday, teachers from Robbinsdale and Minneapolis separately took actions to try and get the attention of district officials. The teachers’ unions from both school districts are headed to mediation next month.

Ahead of a closed-door school board meeting to discuss labor negotiations, Robbinsdale teachers and education assistants waited outside for board members to walk in.

"They've currently suspended negotiations with all bargaining units in Robbinsdale. And we just want to negotiate our contracts," said Christina Anderson, the president of the Educational Assistants in Robbinsdale.

They say they haven't been able to negotiate since December. Increased pay is their top demand to stay competitive with other districts.

"Since we're 200 days over our expired contract, we want answers, and we want the process to keep moving forward because it's very much hurting our pay," said Jessica Gleason, a special education assistant in Robbinsdale.

Marti Voight, the interim superintendent of Robbinsdale Area Schools, said in a statement: "Like other school districts, Rdale has finite resources. We have to balance equitable pay for staff with other district expenses. Our staff do amazing work in our buildings every day, and we appreciate their dedication to our students and families."

Meanwhile, in Minneapolis Public Schools, 4,500 teachers and education support professionals are now holding "Walkout Wednesdays." They plan to walk out every Wednesday until their contract is settled. They've been working under an expired contract for seven months.

"Our jobs have gotten harder because there's a shortage of workers. We don't have teachers in classrooms so we have to cover classrooms. We're missing support staff. We’re missing ESPs so that workload falls on teachers to cover that up. So, it's a lot more work. Our kids have more needs," said Caroline Hooper, a social studies teacher at Southwest High School.

The Minneapolis Federation of Teachers has had ten negotiating sessions with the district advocating for higher wages.

"If we get 8.5 (percent) the first year, we're comparable with some other districts. If we get 7.5 (percent) the next year, we're almost in the top three, and it's essential that to get families back, we're attracting and retaining the finest," said Greta Callahan, the teacher chapter president of the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers.

MPS district officials said they’re facing a multi-million dollar gap due to federal COVID-19 funding ending in September. Officials said the district needs to reduce $90 million in spending for next year in order to remain fiscally solvent.

A district spokesperson said in a statement, "Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) supports MFT’s right to collective action. It is our understanding that the walkout will occur at the end of the teacher duty day and will not directly impact students. We remain committed to negotiating a contract with MFT that recognizes the increased cost of living, while also being mindful of our responsibility to be good stewards of our limited resources - the result of systemic underfunding of public education. In the future, it is imperative we begin bargaining sooner, including over the summer, to avoid bargaining during budget season. We tried to begin bargaining last summer but that invitation was declined by MFT."


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