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When you become an LX Medical member, you get access to all that we have to offer at discounted prices, priority scheduling, and up to 24/7 access.  Additionally, as a member, you will never pay for travel or appointment fees.

Basically, we become a little more like family, and you and your family’s medical and wellness needs are LX Medical’s #1 priority.  

We also offer an “Executive Membership” for adults on a family plan that gives you a free, annual physical, comprehensive lab screening, and a fully customizable health treatment plan for the upcoming year.  See below for more detail.

The ultimate in quality.  The ultimate in convenience.  Patient-first medical memberships at reasonable prices.  And so much more.

Welcome to the LX Medical Family.

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Membership Packages

When you become an LX Medical member, you get access to all that we have to offer at discounted prices and priority scheduling.

Standard Plan

  • No travel fees
  • 15% off all of our services
  • Priority scheduling
  • Free TeleMedicine
  • Labs - $20 for basic labs, $50 for the blood draw, at-cost for advanced labs
  • Select in-home vaccinations with membership discount
  • Access to our members only texting line and OhMD for premium access
  • Premium hours access at no cost


Executive Plan

Includes standard membership perks, PLUS:

  • Comprehensive care including health, wellness, and acute/urgent care needs
  • Free basic labs
  • Free access to our Specialty Board of Advisors including Eye Specialists, GI, Orthopedics, Internal Medicine, and Emergency Medicine


*Corporate Concierge Memberships

LX Medical offers corporate membership programs. Email Aundria for more information at

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