Athletic Recovery IV Drip Treatment At Home


When you are trying to up your workout regimen, train for an athletic event, or looking for that competitive edge, look no further than our Recovery IV Drip Therapy engineered for the modern-day athlete, weekend warrior, or everyday health-fanatic.


IV Therapy can be an essential part of your training routine and recovery.  This is an effective way to ensure your body has what is required for optimal training and performance.


  • Improve your energy during training
  • Maximize hydration
  • Improve recovery time
  • Promote better nutrient absorption in your diet
  • Our trio Amino Acid addition helps to stimulate skeletal muscle, increase your metabolism and support the use of fat for extra energy, AND can naturally stimulate Growth Hormone production which is essential for increasing muscle and strength, as well as help hasten recovery


This IV Therapy can be used during training or after big events that have left you with little reserve.

The athletic performance & recovery IV starts at $250.

*Glutathione can be added for an additional $50 to help your body remove cellular waste produced from hard workouts.  NAD+ can be added for $200 to feed your body all the natural energy it needs to maximize its cellular processes and efficiency.

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