Concierge Medicine Memberships

Currently, we offer a standard, premium, and VIP membership plan that gives you access to on-demand concierge medicine

Membership Packages

Get access to care in home, your hotel, our clinic, or anywhere else, for you and your family. No billing surprises. HSA dollars accepted.


$100/month per adult.
+$50 for 1-2 children
+$100/month for 3+ children.


$200/month per adult.
+$50 for 1-2 children
+$100/month for 3+ children.


Call or email for pricing

How Our LX Concierge Membership Works

LX Medical uses smart systems and partners with medical professionals to make health and wellness simple, personalized, and fit your busy schedule.

1. Request the care you need

We know life can throw bumps and bruises your way at all times of the day and night, therefore you can request urgent care or non-urgent care by filling out our intake form or giving us a call. You can also contact us for one-time wellness and aesthetic treatments.


If you’re a member, you can call or text the members-only line and a medical professional from our team will confirm your appointment time, location, and details via phone or text. 

Members receive text / phone access for urgent needs.

Become a member today to get full access.

2. We come to you

An LX practitioner will come to your location with the knowledge, tools, medications, and empathetic approach needed to help you feel your best. Before they administer treatment, they will help you understand your injuries or illness as well as the total cost of your visit.

3. We follow up

If you have test results or additional steps, we will reach out to you with detailed information and instructions. You can also email or call us with support questions and concerns.

4. We get to know you and your family

Health is personal because everyone has unique health and wellness needs based on age, diet, and lifestyle. At LX Medical, we take the time to get to know our members and their family to understand their holistic healthcare needs and challenges.

5. Together, we create a 360 plan for total health and wellness

Whether you are managing a condition, training for an event, or want to age gracefully (with a little help from our wellness and other aesthetic solutions) we’ve got you covered. We’ll help you create a plan to increase your longevity, vitality, appearance, and quality of life, so you can be the best version of you.