Yes, it’s absolutely possible to boost your immune system! However, people generally think about it incorrectly. Before we dive in and explore the ways you can boost your immune system, it’s important to know that two major systems comprise our immune system:

1. The innate immune system
This is our daily immune system that functions to prevent illness. 

2. The adaptive immune system
This is what kicks in when a foreign invader (viral, bacterial, mold, fungal, etc.) infiltrates our body.  

So, when someone gets sick, if they haven’t taken the time to improve their innate immune system, it’s very difficult to improve immune function while your adaptive immune system is activated.

This is why you can’t boost your overall immune system with oral supplements quickly because it takes weeks of oral supplements to build up enough in the cells so they can help your body function better. It also takes a well-rounded approach to obtain and maintain a healthy immune system since so many factors and bodily systems are involved. 

In fact, taking oral vitamin C during an illness is unlikely to provide many benefits at all. It’s a “too little, too late” kind of situation.

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