What is Concierge Medicine?

Our doctors are on call 24/7, When you need them most.

Concierge medicine is more important, and now more accessible, than ever before.

Concierge medicine has its roots in ultra exclusive access to a doctor.  This used to mean that you pay a doctor to be on call whenever you needed them.  These doctors charge very high rates for this exclusive service and would only take on a few clients at a time. LX Medical builds on that concept, and gives you access to all of our medical providers, whenever you need them, and without the high premium pricing that typically goes along with concierge medicine.

What does LX concierge medicine include?


Experienced Medical Team

The LX Medical Concierge Team is made up of Advanced Practice Providers and Physicians.  Everyone on our team must have over ten-years of experience, and exceptional communication skills.  Our backgrounds include emergency medicine, primary care, orthopedic surgery/sports medicine, nutrition and wellness.  


Personalized Care Plans

For LX Medical, concierge medicine doesn’t just include reactive care for when you’re already sick or injured.  We have wellness plans that include proactive healthcare.  We want to assess your health, keep you healthy, and prevent illness and injury as much as possible.  


24/7 Access

Our easy to use LX Medical technology allows you and your family to stay in touch with us around the clock.  Scheduling an appointment takes just a few clicks, and for our members, we include unlimited telemedicine and text messaging access.


Same Day Appointments

Thanks to our wide network of LX Medical providers, we have the ability to provide same day appointments – often with minimal waiting.  Of course, that will be in the comfort of your own home or office – not in a clinic’s waiting room.


In-Home & On Your Schedule

One of our primary goals is to keep you out of the clinic and hospital as much as possible.  We want you to have access to medical and wellness care, when you need it, where you need it, and always on your busy schedule.  


No Extra Fees

When you sign up for our concierge medical membership, we want your value to be maximized.  The travel fee is always waived.  There will never be hidden or unknown costs attached to medical and wellness visits.  Some services are free to our members, like in-home influenza vaccinations!

Revolutionizing the House Call

24/7 service. Same Day Appointments are Available.