Employee Health Benefits

Our concierge quality health, medical, and wellness care can now be provided to your employees. Our core team, made up of physicians, PAs, NPs, and RNs, have put together a one-of-a-kind program. We offer premium healthcare access and delivery for prices that make sense.

Our members include some of Minnesota’s elite executives. They chose LX Medical and have stayed with LX Medical for a reason. We are now bringing this level of care to all your company’s employees.

What are the benefits to your company?

  • Free primary care/urgent care Telemedicine with premier medical providers.
  • Specialty physician telemedicine consults without delay.
  • Medication management for your employees.
  • Happier, healthier employees. Less sick days, fewer employees sick at work, and less workplace transmission of illnesses.
  • Better employee/corporate level retention with this one-of-a kind health benefit.
  • Preventing unnecessary and costly employee ER visits, hospitalizations, and surgeries.
  • Lower your cost of healthcare for your employees by providing our primary care, urgent care, and specialty programs. Everything we do is on the phone, in-office, or in-home.
  • Having access to expert healthcare navigators. Our team is experienced, and knows how to get the most out of both traditional and non-traditional healthcare systems.
  • Same day in-home visits, as needed.
  • App technology that allows your employees maximally convenient access, while not requiring your employees to download an app. Our team can be just a phone call or text away.
  • Add-on specialty programs that include cancer screening, employee annual physicals, diabetes/pre-diabetes management, dietician services, mental health services, physical therapy and more.
  • Our services can be applied to HSA/FSA type accounts, and the membership fees can be paid for by the company as a pre-tax health benefit. LX Medical is seen as an “out-of-network” medical clinic, and we can provide insurance reimbursement forms to be sent to any insurance carrier, and can be applied to out-of-network health benefit policies, as well.

How Does it Work?

  • Once signed up, your employees will have immediate access to our team. They can book an appointment online with us, or simply make a phone call for telemedicine, or to book an appointment.
  • Primary Care, Urgent Care, Specialty Care, Healthcare Navigation, Prevention/Wellness Programs, Annual Physicals, and more will be made immediately available to your team upon signing up and paying the annual fee.
  • Depending on what plan is chosen, your employees might be eligible for a low cost optimization physical, a free pre-diabetes/diabetes program, our healthy maternity program, among others.
  • We make healthcare access easy, convenient, and always with concierge medicine quality.