COVID Testing & Treatment

LX Medical provides accurate, rapid in-home COVID-19 screening services such as nasal swabs and blood-based antibody testing in the comfort of your home or office.


Superior testing and treatment

If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, you no longer have to rely on at-home tests or drive to urgent care, spend hours sitting in a waiting room, and increase your exposure.

Just request an appointment, and we’ll come straight to you. Same-day appointments and priority scheduling are reserved for our members.

COVID-19 Treatment Options

We provide core treatments such as IV fluids, monitoring, and prescribed medications like Paxlovid, and the most up to date monoclonal antibodies.


Monoclonal Antibody / $350

If you have confirmed COVID-19 via testing, and would like to be considered for IV Monoclonal Antibody, please consult with one of our providers by booking an appointment.

At-Home COVID-19 Test Options

We provide FDA validated, rapid, and accurate testing in your home.

Antibody Test / $550

This Mayo Clinic developed test is highly sensitive and gives a quantitative number indicating the number of antibodies from the vaccine or previous infection. With this information, we can accurately determine your immune status.

NAAT Rapid COVID Test / $195

The NAAT molecular test is designed to provide results as quickly as possible, usually within 20 minutes. It may not be approved for travel.

PCR Test / $195

This gold standard of testing meets travel and pre-surgery requirements. Test results are typically available within 48 hours, except on weekends.

Biofire Viral Panel Test (test for 30+ diseases) / $359

Test for 30 viruses, including covid, influenza, RSV, and common cold in one swab for peace of mind and treatment. Avoids overuse of antibiotics.