COVID-19 Testing in St. Paul

Confirmed COVID-19 cases in Minnesota in October, 2021 surpassed the 700,000 mark and are still rising. Ramsey County is one of the worst-hit areas as only Anoka and Hennepin have had more confirmed new cases. If you are looking for COVID-19 testing in St Paul, you are not alone.

Over 13 million tests, including more than 11 million PCR tests, have now been completed in the Gopher State since the outbreak in early 2020. While both test and case figures are at lower rates than the worst times of late 2020, there has been another surge and it’s likely that the fall and winter seasons will bring another spike. Whether you have previously completed a COVID-19 test in St Paul or not, you must take one if symptoms start to show.

The State has been hit with over 40,000 hospitalizations while the death total exceeds 8,000. With most cases coming from unknown causes, residents of St. Paul must take extra care due to Ramsey County’s current vulnerability.

A COVID-19 test in Saint Paul is one of the most essential resources for staying on top of the virus – whether that means reducing the spread of a potential infection or taking the right actions after contracting it.

Why Should You Get a COVID-19 Test in St. Paul?

If you believe that you have contracted COVID-19 or crave peace of mind after interacting with infected friends or colleagues, knowing your COVID testing options in St Paul is vital. Hospitals throughout Minnesota have struggled to cope with the latest surge of cases. Thankfully, taking an at-home COVID-19 test in St Paul provides the perfect option for residents of the city and its surrounding districts.


A COVID-19 test in St. Paul is administered by a health care professional from LX Medical who has the experience and resources to administer a test which matches or exceeds the accuracy of tests provided by hospitals or clinics. Choosing to receive a COVID-19 test at home can be considered the smart solution for several reasons, including but not limited to;


  • You get to stay at home

Even the early symptoms of COVID-19 can leave you bed bound. An at-home COVID-19 test in St Paul allows you to enjoy the comfort and convenience of staying at home. When you’re not feeling great, this is a very attractive feature.

  • No waiting rooms or queues

Whether you have the virus or not, waiting rooms and long queues are the last thing you need when feeling unwell. The hospital setting can actually increase your feelings of anxiety.

  • Reduced risk of exposure to COVID-19

Minnesota’s medical teams are doing an exceptional job, but you can’t escape the fact that hospitals are potentially hazardous environments. Each hospital or clinic could contain hundreds of infected patients, while only one in four are vaccinated. Avoiding this potential exposure is advised.

  • Quick appointments

Quick appointments and fast, accurate results are the priorities shared by all suspected COVID-19 patients. When you schedule an appointment with LX Medical, one of our friendly and professional medical providers will visit you in your home. Thanks to our large network of medical professionals, this can often be arranged as a same-day appointment.

  • Risk of At-home self-testing

One COVID-19 testing option in St Paul is to use self-testing kits. While these types of tests are convenient, there are multiple studies to dispute their accuracy. If you want the best of both worlds, an at-home COVID-19 test from a medical professional is the ideal solution.

What are the COVID-19 Testing Options in St. Paul?

When booking a visit from a COVID-19 test practitioner in St. Paul, you need to know that the right type of test is being administered. 

Here at LX Medical, our at-home COVID-19 testing options take advantage of the most advanced screening capabilities on the market. The choices are as follows:

  • At-home COVID-19 Nasal swab: $195

The nasal at-home COVID-19 test in Saint Paul is a PCR screening that can be completed in just a few seconds and can detect the SARS-CoV-2 virus with almost 100% accuracy. The non-invasive swab is particularly ideal for those who need to present a negative test before traveling. It can be completed by your practitioner and then analyzed. Results are usually delivered the next day.

  • At-Home Molecular Rapid COVID Test: $245 (15 minutes per test, NOT PCR)

The quickest of our COVID-19 testing options is the at-home molecular rapid COVID test, which can deliver results in just 15-20 minutes. The NAAT test is not a PCR test. However, your visiting specialist will take a swab from the nasal passageway and/or throat before completing the necessary analysis there and then. For an accurate result, the molecular rapid COVID-19 test should only be completed by a trained practitioner.

    • At-Home COVID-19 Antibody test: $195

The at-home COVID-19 antibody test is an EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) backed test that detects whether the body has antibodies against the virus, which would suggest you have had it. The antibodies won’t always show until 14 days after you contracted the SARS-CoV-2 virus, but the test results are usually provided the next day. It is a simple venipuncture blood test that should not cause any pain or side effects.


Process of At-Home COVID-19 Testing in St Paul

As previously stated, there are many reasons to schedule an at-home COVID-19 test in St. Paul with LX Medical. However, speed and convenience are certainly among the most attractive benefits. With our help, COVID-19 testing in St Paul can be completed in just three easy steps.

  • Request an Appointment

Simply call us on 651-565-9633 today and arrange for a practitioner to visit you at the most convenient time. Or, visit our website to schedule an appointment

  • Sample Collection

Your COVID-19 testing sample will be quickly collected and analyzed. You can relax in your home while one of our health care practitioners administers the COVID-19 test.

  • Test Results

Once the results are available, they will be delivered as quickly as possible. It really is that simple.

Schedule a COVID-19 Test in St Paul

Whether you are showing coronavirus symptoms, feel concerned after contact with an infected friend, or need to show a negative test result before an event, booking a specialist to visit you for an at-home COVID-19 Test in St Paul is your best solution by far. Your COVID-19 Test at home is safe, convenient, cost-effective, and will quickly inform you whether you have contracted the virus or not. For more information visit our COVID-19 At-Home Testing Page

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