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About Our Concierge Medicine Services

 We live in a time when modern physicians are encouraged to treat more patients in less time. This model often leaves patients craving more out of their healthcare experience. If you’re sick of rushed doctor visits, long wait times, and lackluster medical care, concierge medicine from LX Medical is the solution for you.

Unlike traditional medical services, our practitioners and doctors make it easy to stay healthy by providing you with personalized attention, premium care, and a range of helpful concierge medical services. That way, you can maintain your health, fortify your wellbeing, and get the care you need, all from the comfort of your home or office.

Our concierge medical services feature:

Unparalleled Healthcare Access

Curious about concierge medicine?

LX Medical provides the following services and more:


Lab Testing

Have you ever sat in a doctor’s office for hours just to have your blood drawn for lab testing? Those days are over. From routine bloodwork to comprehensive panels, our concierge lab testing services are quick, easy, and provided by trained practitioners.

Executive Physicals

Executive physicals are perfect for getting a complete picture of your health or helping an all-star employee identify and prevent severe health events.  Our Executive Health Program is all about I.P.O.: Identifying active health issues, Preventing future illness and injury, and Optimizing your day-to-day.

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Cancer Screening

Though cancer is more prevalent than ever in the U.S., advanced screenings can catch many forms of the disease early, giving you a chance to prevent long-term health issues.

Preoperative Exams

Skip the waiting room and use our primary medical care team for your next pre-op physical.  We can come to you, or you can book an appointment in our concierge medical clinic.

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Gut Health

Studies show that the microbiota in your gut plays a huge role in your health and can help regulate your metabolism, immunity, and even brain health. Our practitioners have the tools, training, and medicines to optimize your gut health from the convenience of your couch.

Sleep Program

Getting great sleep is equally as important as eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly. If sleeplessness is having a profound impact on your professional or personal life, a sleep program may help. At LX Medical, we focus on providing patients with effective, non-addictive treatment options for insomnia and more.

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Concierge Medicine

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