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BOTOX is the top minimally invasive procedure for reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. After years of smiling, frowning, and talking, your facial muscles have likely contributed to a few of these problems. BOTOX injections target the nerves connected to your facial muscles to reduce movement and contribute to a younger, firmer appearance.

Most BOTOX patients see results as early as 24 to 48 hours after their first treatment. Results become increasingly visible over the next week and reach their peak roughly 30 days later. The effects tend to last for about three to six months.

Do BOTOX Injections Hurt?

With the right topical anesthetic, BOTOX procedures can be virtually painless. Even without a numbing agent, pain is typically low – similar to a slight pinching sensation.

Our BOTOX Miami technicians are highly trained and can perform the procedure quickly, minimizing discomfort. They will apply a topical anesthetic cream roughly 10 to 20 minutes before your injections, so you will feel little to no pain.

Even if you have a fear of needles or have been bothered by vaccines before, we’ll work with you to make the process as painless as possible. We want you to feel comfortable throughout your entire visit.

BOTOX needles are tiny, more similar to needles that diabetics use for insulin than the needles that are used to administer most vaccinations. As with other kinds of injections, BOTOX injections can cause some mild bruising and tenderness, but these symptoms will wear off shortly.

Post BOTOX Treatment Instructions

Proper aftercare is essential to achieving optimal results, as well as easing discomfort and bruising.

Immediately after you receive BOTOX in Miami, relax for the rest of the day and try to leave the treated area alone. You may gently exercise your face, but you should not rub or touch the area that received the injections.

We also recommend:

  • Going makeup free
  • Skipping facials, scrubs, and massages
  • Sitting up for at least 4 hours after the procedure
  • Taking pain medications as prescribed
  • Avoiding alcohol

For at least 24 hours after your BOTOX treatment you should avoid hot showers, saunas, sun and tanning beds. After 24 hours have passed, you can return to your normal activities, including exercising.

If you are worried about aftercare or have any questions, feel free to talk to our BOTOX Miami specialists. We’re happy to help you understand the procedure and care for your skin to maximize your BOTOX results.

How Much Does BOTOX in Miami Cost?

BOTOX treatment prices tend to vary based on the number of units used during the procedure. Most patients receive between 10 to 40 units of BOTOX, but your particular amount will depend on the area you want to have treated.

As part of your initial consultation, one of our medical providers will speak with you and address your specific needs. This will allow us to provide an accurate price estimate.

FAQs About Getting BOTOX Miami

What is BOTOX?

BOTOX is a drug that is made from a toxin produced by a bacterium called “Clostridium botulinum.” When used in appropriate dosages, it can treat health problems such as severe sweating, chronic migraines, and muscle contraction disorders. However, it is more commonly used to help smooth the appearance of facial wrinkles.

How does BOTOX work?

BOTOX injections block signals from the nerves to the related muscles. The blockage prevents the muscle from contracting, which makes wrinkles relax and soften. This is particularly useful for minimizing forehead and frown lines.

Where are BOTOX injections administered?

BOTOX injections can be used to treat many parts of the body. The most common injection sites are the forehead, the sides of the eyes, and the neck. If you want to target a specific location, let us know during your initial consultation.

Can BOTOX help with non-cosmetic concerns?

Yes. Some of our patients receive BOTOX in Miami to help prevent chronic migraines, reduce excessive perspiration, improve facial symmetry, treat Bell’s Palsy, or even minimize teeth grinding. To learn more, speak with one of our wellness experts.

What are the possible side effects of BOTOX?

Following the procedure, patients may experience some pain, swelling, or bruising at the injection site. They may also feel a headache or flu-like symptoms. All of these side effects should wear off after a few days. If they do not, contact your healthcare provider.

What does a BOTOX treatment feel like?

The injections themselves cause a slight stinging reaction. Afterward, you may have a small bump at the injection site, as well as some tenderness or bruising. These symptoms should fade quickly.

How soon will I see results after BOTOX treatment?

BOTOX results usually begin to manifest within a few days after the injection. However, the full results will not be visible until at least a week after, maybe two.

How long does BOTOX last?

BOTOX tends to last for around three to four months. Your skin type and particular conditions may cause it to last for shorter or longer periods of time. Additionally, first-time BOTOX patients tend to notice that their results don’t last as long as those who have had multiple treatments.

Am I a candidate for BOTOX?

The best way to know if you are a candidate for BOTOX is to speak with a medical professional. If you have moderate to severe facial wrinkles on your face, around your eyes, or on your neck, you may very well be a strong candidate.

Why choose LX Medical for in-home BOTOX injections?

At LX Medical, our advanced practice providers have extensive experience administering BOTOX injections to generate positive results for our patients. We are actually one of the only concierge medical providers that will administer BOTOX injections and other types of aesthetics services in the comfort of your home!

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You use your facial muscles every day to express emotion and converse with others. Wrinkles are a part of life and aging – but they can be minimized with expert BOTOX treatments. If you’re not happy with your appearance, you don’t need to settle.

Not only does BOTOX minimize your current wrinkles, but it also prevents future ones from forming. It’s a safe, relatively painless process that can completely transform the way you feel about your appearance, aging, and smiles. It works for millions of people, and it can work for you, too.

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