The LX Medical Executive Health Program

IDENTIFY risk factors, PREVENT illness, and OPTIMIZE your day-to-day. 

FREE for our Executive Members.


The LX Medical Executive Health Program is all about I.P.O.: Identifying risk factors, Preventing future illness and injury, and Optimizing your day-to-day. We offer a comprehensive, in-home or in-office, preventive health evaluation using a thorough set of assessments to not only screen for important disease processes, but also assess your overall health and wellness. 


The Executive Health program starts with a brief intake form to understand your overall health, and identify what concerns and health/wellness goals that you have for the upcoming year. Your physical along with our testing protocol is customized for your stage in life and any risk factors/customized concerns that have been identified. By scheduling a range of assessments during your visit, we develop an extensive and wide-ranging understanding of your health profile and provide you the unparalleled convenience of completing these tests/assessments all in the comfort of your home or office.

Our Executive Health Program concludes with a detailed meeting with your provider to review your results, develop a plan to improve your health, address any issues that were identified and target any risk factors that may impact your health and overall wellness.  The in-home medical history/physical exam/and blood draw typically takes about one hour.  Many of our Executive Members also enjoy adding on a wellness infusion or aesthetics appointment at the time of their Executive Physical.

IPO Assessment

Our I.P.O. assessments are different for everyone and highly customizable. Our team follows your progress throughout the year, which includes a 6-month check-up to reassess your I.P.O. wellness score, if desired. The wellness score is made up of 200 points, and we want to create an actionable gameplan to get your score as high as possible over time.  Specialty consultations with our LX Medical’s Board of Advisors are also at no additional cost, and your medical provider will help to put together their specialized recommendations in the context of your health and wellness with key recommendations.

Your Time is important!

The LX Medical Executive Health Program recognizes that your time is precious. This is why we developed our entire program to be completed utilizing technology, and in the comfort of your home or office. We work around your schedule. The Executive Program covers:

  • Comprehensive health assessment and medical history review. 
  • Full range of customizable screening labs.  The basic panel includes all organ system labs, blood counts, metabolic panel, nutritional assessment labs, hormone levels, cholesterol, diabetes screening, inflammatory markers, and some gender specific labs.
  • Cardiovascular counseling, as needed. 
  • Imaging as needed/as requested: Your provider will help you decide if imaging is indicated. MRI, CT, Ultrasound, mammography, XR, bone density scans are all available and can be billed through your in-network insurance policy. 
  • Review of medications and immunizations. 
  • Lifestyle, nutrition, and supplement assessment. 
  • Free Access to LX Medical’s Board of Specialty Advisors if the need arises which includes: Mental Health, Eye Specialty, Gastrointestinal/Gut Health expert, Cardiology, ENT, Orthopedics, Rheumatology, among others. 
  • In-depth, one-on-one review with your personal executive health provider which includes your LX Medical I.P.O. wellness score, and actionable steps toward improving your wellness score. 
  • 6-month check in, if desired, to reassess your wellness score, and track any labs that we want to keep a close eye on.

Executive Health Program ADD-ONS: 


    • Aging Status Lab Panel: Looks at markers in the blood associated with vascular disease, risk of heart disease, risk of cognitive issues later in life, and levels of aging markers.  $350.00
    • Rheumatology Panel: $200.00
    • STD screening: $180.00
    • Heart Lab Panel: $200.00
    • Food Allergy Lab Panel: $250.00
    • Lyme Disease Screen: $75.00
    • Tick Borne Illness Screen: Screens for all tick related illness endemic to the upper midwest: $250.00

Physical Therapy/MusculoSkeletal Wellness Assessment: 

  • $40/15 minutes.  In-clinic an option.  If in-home: $100 travel fee applies.

Gut Health/Digestion Improvement Program:

  • Our GI/Gut Health physician specialist, alongside our Executive Health team of providers, will order specific lab tests to assess inflammation, rule out certain diagnoses, assess your gut bacteria/microbiome environment, interpret results, and offer treatment strategies to improve your gut health/digestive system function.  Gut health is so important, and very under-recognized/under-treated.  If you have any concerns regarding your digestive system, this comprehensive program is strongly recommended: $750.00

Wellness Infusions:

  • IV Health/Wellness/Peak Performance Infusion: These infusions are meant to boost your essential vitamins/minerals, optimize your cells/metabolism, and help detox your body.  Our infusions are great for overall health/wellness, energy boosting, mental clarity, immune boosting, “anti-aging”, and more.  Ask your provider for more details.  Cost varies.  50% off with your Executive Physical.  Check out the Wellness Tab at top of screen for more information.

Cardiovascular Optimization Program:

Our cardiovascular health specialist has custom designed a program to assess your current cardiovascular health, your risk factors for future cardiovascular health issues, and recommendations to optimize this critical body system. This includes labs, assessments, TeleHealth, diet advice, medication recommendation, and follow-up. All imaging goes through CDI and applied to your in-network insurance. $750 plus imaging through your insurance.


All imaging is ordered through CDI, and can be put directly through your in-network insurance.

  • Depending on what concerns or important screening recommendations come up during your physical, we can perform a myriad of imaging tests including, but not limited to: X-Rays, abdominal/cardiac ultrasounds, MRI of brain or prostate or joints, CT Cardiac Calcium Score, Mammography, CT of chest or abdomen, among others.


Schedule it

Pick the time and the day of your medical evaluation.  We work around your schedule and come straight to your home, cabin, or office.  No need to spend the day, or multiple days, in and out of clinics and hospitals.

The In-Home Visit

The provider performs a full medical history, medication review, diet and lifestyle assessment, and full physical exam.  They will identify your personal health and wellness concerns and goals, and also assess what types of screening tests will be pertinent given your age, history, and risk factors. 

The LX Medical Wellness Bloodwork Panel will be performed.  This is above and beyond the usual clinic lab panel.

At this visit, it will also be decided if you need any screening imaging from our partnered outpatient imaging center – CDI – they have over 20 locations in the greater Twin Cities area.

The Executive Summary

Once the blood work has returned, usually 3-5 days, the core LX Medical team will review the medical visit, get input from LX Medical’s Board of Advisors, which is made up of different medical specialists, and prepare an Executive Summary. This includes results from blood work and any imaging performed, and recommendations on diet, lifestyle, medications, supplements, and wellness to ensure you are optimizing day-to-day.  We will also make any referrals for you as needed.  This would also be the time to decide if you would like to add-on and of our programs like our Physical Therapy Fitness/Strength Assessment, Gut Health/Digestive Health Assessment, and Dietician Assessment.

The Follow-Up

The same provider who performed your physical will follow up with you via TeleMedicine, or in person, to go over results and your I.P.O. Wellness Score, and make plans for any follow-up labs to assess progress over the year, free to you.  Our team will also provide actionable steps to improve your wellness score.  The end goal: getting you OPTIMIZED.

The Cost

For Executive Members:  The Executive Physical is FREE, and you get all the perks of being an LX Concierge Medical Member.

For Non-Members: Our LX Medical Executive Physical is $1,900 and includes the in-home medical visit; the large battery of labs to assess health, screening for illness, and evaluating nutritional/metabolic/hormonal status; the Executive Summary; Follow-up TeleHealth visit; and future follow-up labs.

Add-on specialty labs (like food allergy panel, gluten allergy panel, rheumatoid panel, heavy metal panel, Lyme disease screening) are considered add-ons and will be charged at cost (usually $100-$250 per extra specialty lab). 

Imaging is ordered through CDI and can be paid through your insurance to ensure minimal cost for screening imaging.

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